One of the recent photographs I created was of this pigeon who’d died probably within minutes before finding it.

I like to think that it knew it’s time was up and laid down simply to fall asleep forever. It was this photograph that brought about an idea for a first photographic essay: Feathers, Sticks and Bones (FSB). The series will be about those very things, the feathers of birds, the sticks of their nests and the bones of their bodies past death.

Not necessarily surrealism, but it’s as close an ‘ism’ I can think of right now for focus. The photograph shown is pre-edited, the final result being a bit more dramatic. It was also a thought about constructing a photograph vs. finding ones. It seemed a better and more interesting needle to thread to find photographs that might look as if they’re been constructed but are untouched. As an example, the leaf to the right of the pigeon’s head might’ve been removed if I’d chosen to construct this photograph. I opted more for truth, at least in this respect.