Light and shadow, form and line, figure and ground.

It's all on my mind lately and in the desire to not only improve the way I see but the way I relate these ideas is what I'm looking at today. I'm keeping it fairly simple, using basic black card cut into various shapes and placed on white card with back lighting.



While not wholly engaging it does lend a very direct way of studying. The eyes sees quite differently from the lens and one adage that I heard time and time again from other photographers is that you need to learn how the eye sees. I mostly disagree. I need to learn how the lens sees so that in the printed photograph you can relate an idea to a viewer's eye. So this is what I'm looking at today, asking questions like how does this figure ground relationship work when the lens defocuses one section but sharpens another? Or how does the relation of light and shadow relate to each other when the basic forms change?