I've, for the most, part let go of street photography.

I still do walk the streets on occasion searching for a bit of surreal life within the modern town that is Lund. Like anything, you can find what you're looking for if you're willing to spend the time and effort.


Personal Limit?

FSB, or Feathers, Sticks and Bones is a series I've been working on for some months but finding my subjects is incredibly time consuming and even when I do find one, they're not always 'correct.' So this morning I thought I might try something a little more brazen in that I've taken a dead bird home with me (proper precautions taken). I spent the rest of the rather cold windy afternoon photographing it in various ways, pushing my own comfort and even ideas of what the FSB series would be about. In the end I'm not certain the results are correct for the series but by breaking the barrier of 'found' photographs vs. 'created' photographs I've learnt quite a bit.