This afternoon I’ve decided to try and work with paper in a variety of ways.

Going well beyond what I would like and instead looking for diversity of subject. Of course in experimentation you’ll find a lot that doesn’t work and this is one such example. I looked to variation in color, paper type, textures and lighting along with cliched effects that normally don’t mix.

Here there’s a simple white construction paper sitting atop a sheet of aluminum. I then used red printing paper and steamed it atop a pot of water and laid it down quickly to look at the results. It’s nothing more than a leap of experimentation without much aforethought. The results? Not terribly interesting but it does underline for me the importance of always searching. If you move fast enough, forgetting the desire for quality or esthetics and even letting go of the ‘good idea stream’ to become a little random in your experimentation discovery will come quicker. I’m convinced of this. 

But not today. I found no real success in photographs but it was the process itself that was successful.