On occasion I find it useful to take a real long walk, 20km or so.

It’s cathartic and while I do bring along my camera I make an effort not to photograph, it’s only there ‘in case.’ During this time I’m just emptying the mind, trying not to think too much about anything. As I reach the halfway point before I turn around I see this, a pier overlooking the ocean and the morning mist.

This cliche of a photograph underlines how I’m feeling about esthetic choices lately. It’s not that I need to be different, but I feel no urge to re-create photographs that legions before and after me have or will have done. This photograph is completely redundant and obvious, it’s been done before with the notion (not this photograph but the idea of it) it’s beautiful.

It’s not. Nor is it original in any sense, but what it illustrates to me today is that if I continue down the current path I’m on I’ll get lost in the abyss with everyone else.  The legion of photographcs will swallow up my voice and I will have added nothing new, or given color to anything truly exciting. It’s as if with one collective sigh that is my life I’ve nodded agreement without thinking and passed beyond this world.

Time for something new.