Back in November I'd looked at Paul Himmel's work.

Specifically his beautifully light and airy photographs of nude models out of focus. Through a bit of work it became clear he was using a different camera system than I, as well as his lighting setup I believe was in a very large studio complete with large windows to let in massive amounts of natural light. I nor have a large studio or windows large enough to emulate him.

That's actually ok though because today I'm working again with Sera as well as myself to create another series for study. This time I'm starting to push away from Himmel's work a little through use of materials such as aluminum along with darkroom techniques such as dodging and burning to create a more rooted and complex image.

After I got through all the basic editing I can see that this process isn't bad, though it does lend itself a little more towards iconography in some ways as a result of the figure/ground relationship perhaps being too strong in areas.