I'm always working with new people now a days.

Sometimes the turn over of faces can be dizzying but almost always exciting. Today I'm working again with Linnea Cimmerbeck, a young photographer who also wants to experience being on the opposite side of the camera. Linnea certainly has her own ideas of esthetics but in this case she was very willing to simply 'be the model' so that she might gain a bit of perspective in her own work.

One of the aims I have in photographing models, especially if it has anything to do with fashion or art, is to purposely create images that aren't glossy and stylized.  Not that the styles I choose are wholly uniques but they're certainly not as common as the brilliant colors and natural settings of others work. Not every model's looks lend themselves to such works but Linnea's natural beauty certainly does. You can learn more about her on her instagram feed here.