I admit I’m still looking to focus in on photographic works.

But the whole point of taking a year of art schooling is to break old habits and (probably) learn new ones. This week is about print making, specificlally those made from leather plates with basic student grade inks. The choice for a male bust composition wasn’t a hard one to make. Having photographed almost exclusively women in my shift towards artistisc works I realized I needed to look at the male form as well and here was a chance to do that. 

During the process of making this first print, I managed to leave ink everywhere on the padding of the press itself. Sure it wasn’t the end of the world and I was happy to replace the pad, but despite this I got rather annoyed looks from one of the instructors. Nevermind that I was surrounded by half a dozen students at the time and none of them thought I was doing it wrong. Nevermind that the results were easily the most aesthetic of the entire class. I should’ve done better as far as he was concerned.