I’ve been painting now for some months, in one form or another.

The whole idea of paint on canvas is truly exciting and while I do appreciate my photographic roots, I’m certain now more than ever I’ve made the right decision to move away from them. Today I’ve taken a small step back from my regular routines and am looking at various paint mediums and the marks they make. Up to this point I’ve primarily been working with straight Ottosson Linseed Oil Paints from the tube, letting them dry for a few days before proceeding to the next layer. This is a wonderful way of working but I’m painfully aware there’s a lot of techniques to explore.


Emulsion Tests

So I’ve begun working with various oil and non-oil based emulsions, preparing them for various tests over the next few days. I know that even these basic ideas are only scratching the surface of what is possible but you have to start someplace. I can see that many of the other artists in the collective I’m in work in a variety of ways and with a variety of mediums. It seems that most are married to a specific routine and technique which I admire in that it really enables them to delve deeper into a process. I’m not so certain I’ll be able to ‘settle down’ so quickly though. To me constant search and exploration is absolutely vital to expression, not to mention impartive if you wish to create something even remotely new.