I don't recall where I became inspired to create this.

Some months back I saw a painting not unlike what I created here. I can't even say if this is similar in size as what I saw was on the internet somewhere. Still, this morning as I prepared the day's materials for creating a run of Sketch Cards this image popped in my head and I thought I'd create one of the cards in it's likeness.

I'm not sure about how I feel when I look at it now, some hours later. I share it here not because I think it's terribly esthetic but what it represents in mental and emotional process. When we (I) create things it's often starting from the known and looking to (one day) push to the unknown. Originality. To learn from other's works and to in my mind, go through the necessary motions of learning. To do the clichés and do the studies because it's only through that I'll get to my own voice.

Problem is I have many voices, both literal and figurative (not in the artistic sense). They vie for attention as I create - all wanting to have a say. I take this as I'm over-flowing with ideas that need expressing which is wonderful but sometimes... sometimes I wonder if it's just playing to regressive behaviors and expressions.