As I explore the Sketch Cards I'm finding my desire for action-orientated painting starting to peek through.

By nature I'm a visually expressive person, expressing more with my body than words. This very website has been a small torture in itself - attempting to communicate through the written word. As my studio space doesn't really exist yet, a small shelf of various boxes waiting to be opened up. Brushes, paints, mediums, stretchers, canvases, etc... I'm expressing as much as I can on this small piece of paper. But how does one expressive with one's entire body onto a small substrate?

Actually I've plenty of ideas but none I can explore - way too messy for the space in my home. So today I thought I'd stick my head real close to the paper and attempt to focus on 'active action' within the movements of just the hand. Not easy! Try making an expressive stroke again and again with only 1/4 to 1/2 cm lines to express it in!

So this sketch card is really about squiggles. Moving fast and random in micro active movements that ultimately, knowingly, yield texture. It's about becoming comfortable with the smaller movements so that in the coming days I might be warmed up to attempt a more emotional expression on smaller scales. To add interest, I added a earth green pigment with varying intensities throughout. Not the most expressive card but it's good practice.