My natural impulsive tendencies tend to keep me from exploring another part of my personality.

That anal-retenative search for perfection and simplicity. Today I’m working on a few sketch cards that, like before are quite small and simple but rather than the more organic expressions I’ve used up to this point I’m looking for something a bit more in the design camp.

17 June 2015


The process here looks simple but is actually more complicated and time-consuming in than most other cards I’ve done up to this point. As I’m using pure pigment, blending colors together doesn’t always work and thus if you want a deeper hue or tone you have to use layers. This means a lot of time-consuming masking and taping. Still, the results are interesting and while not all the paper types I used today were a success some of them had a lovely color and texture that assures I’ll return to this particular process & technique again soon.