Sometimes you see things after the fact, but only with a seed planted.

This afternoon I've continued working on the Sketch Cards, trying out various new colors and techniques. While I worked on this particular card rather quickly, it still held together visually by something I couldn't quite put my mind to. There was no preconceived intention here other than using new colors and attempting to break away from this past month's use of masks. While I did use a couple of masks here, it certainly isn't the focus.

Later after it was completed, my wife told me what she saw: nature and bamboo. Now it's all I see, the slightly abstracted figuration of bamboo stalks. This got me to thinking about the power of people's notions and how they get planted in our minds if expressed. It's as if that's all that ever existed now even though it was never meant to. Don't get me wrong, my own mind sees other things but it's never the intention before or after the fact to impose a figure to these cards.

Still, despite it's new objects (i.e. subjects) it's not unpleasing to me. I'm not apposed to any of my Sketch Cards or paintings having these things, it's just an occasional pleasant distraction.