Vir Heroicus Humilis. Loosely translated, "The low hero."

In studying another's work, it's important to understand that it's only a study. It's not original and at best a derivative of the original artist's work. Even more so, Barnett Newman's Vir Heroicus Sublimis (original here) from 1950-51 was massive at 242.2 x 541.7cm. My Sketch Card is not even 1/20th the size and uses different materials and techniques. But that's sort of the point, to emulate the basic design but in a totally different format to see exactly what happens.

I don't consider this an original work, not by a long shot. Sure others might see it differently but I feel this is only a study and nothing more. I'd never sell this card, even if it had resulted in an esthetic if not artistic value, which it does not. I underline these thoughts here because it's important to me not to copy; not to rehash. There's enough of that in the world and it's the primary reason I moved away from photography to other forms of expression.

I've never seen a Barnett Newman painting in person, one day perhaps. Until then I'll have to only imagine what it might be like standing in front of his epic sized painting. I'm fairly certain when I think back on this Sketch Card and it's diminutive size the latin words, "Vir Heroicus Humilis" will ring true.