Right now it’s the small things, a hundred little small things.

Every little technique and process that I learn and improve starts to connect with other little bits. Pretty soon these little connections start to show themselves on the canvas and today I started ‘seeing’ the refinements of well loaded brushes. Of course there’s a variety of ways to load a brush with any given paint but today it was about a more low-viscosity brush stroke that is almost glaze in nature. Quite translucent oils that act almost like water colors, the loading of this particular brush is in itself quite esthetic.

This also started me on a thinking path about open and closed painting styles. That is most here in the artist collective seem to be more of the closed style in that their strokes are very slow, carefully choreographed and conventional. Myself however prefer a more loose and open style in that I don’t particularly worry if a given stroke slightly overlaps another, in fact it’s necessary. When I have a well-loaded brush like this one while it’s lovely, it also isn’t wholly correct for my style of painting. Will have to have a think on that.