2016 is starting off well.

Having a large studio space has truly helped invigorate my process. Surprisingly the other 7 or so artists that work here are almost never actually here which means I’ve got this huge building almost all to myself. Perfect for one who is so easily distracted.

This past two or so weeks has been mainly about glazing and action painting. Glazing being a technique I’m not certain I’ll use much but it’s imperative to learn all the basic techniques before moving on. Here i’ve decided to combine the two in a sort of ‘action glazing’ process. While Ottossons makes a decent glaze it seems a little too thick and tacky for my taste. Still, with a little blending out in linseed oil I’ve managed to get it a little more workable.

Having said that there seems to the potential to make this sort of technique a painting all it’s own. Upscaling the most common technique in broad movements yields some interesting results that while I’m sure must exist out there in the world, I’ve not been introduced to them yet.