I do enjoy oil pastels.

I've been using them for over a year now and the collection while small, is growing. Thing is, they might be all I would use if the new studio walls were a little more forgiving. I staple canvas directly to the walls which is fine, so long as the canvas is fairly small. Anything broader than 35cm and the seams in the wallpaper show up in the painting. I've tried various ways of removing this wallpaper but it's been laid over several times with new paper and paint making it more an archaeological excavation than anything.


I did try oil pastels on mounted canvas, it just isn't a real possibility as I need the resistance to allow for a stronger mark. So for now the lovely oil pastels are pushed into 2nd class citizenry, only occasionally being used in mild ways. Eventually I'll get a better setup but for today, as much as I may want to use them, there's just not the space or the money to make the walls workable.