I’d not anticipated having anything remotely esthetic for some months.

If not until next year but as it turns out this past couple of weeks the process I’ve been working on seems to have actually created a painting worth looking at. While simply in it’s composition the technique and process are anything but simple. It’s unclear to me how far I may take this, as the process of painting is still quite new to me. The knowing when to stop, that a painting is finished, is a very common problem that I read or head about and today is the first time I’ve really had to consider it.

While I’ve created pieces before this that were pleasant enough I know they’re really more decoration than art. This one however, definitely feels like it’s crossed that imaginary line. It’s moved beyond simple illustration or prettiness into something else. I admit I’m not entirely sure what that is yet but moving past this point in the painting will be difficult. Having said that, despite this apparent difficulty I’m already 100% certain I need to explore. I’ve not tried to really glaze anything yet and this is a technique I know I need to study and learn. Still, I’ll let it sit for awhile, enjoy the success for at least a few more days.