Most days I work in a limited range of colors. 

It’s rare that I work in more than 3, on any given day, preferring to keep them seperated by a bit of drying time. Today however I worked not only with a multitude of colors, but several paintings as well. It’s the idea that if I'm always seperating my colors out, many paintings won’t get touched until their particular color familiy becomes available. Of course the alternative is to work multiple paintings in a day, as in today.

This has the benefit of enabling me to work longer in the painting process and to a certain degree, get more done in the studio. Right now however not all my paintings use the same process, nor even the same emotional content. This makes transitioning from one to the next a bit jarring if even realistically possible. I know that eventually my processes will normalize and I’m sure and when they do, this more ‘De Kooning-esk’ style of work will be quite perfect. For now, it’s a small rhythmic change for the sake of seeing what happens.

The byproduct left over from all this colorful work certainly lends itself to a more vibrant trash receptacle, not to mention by day's end I feel very warm and receptive to stronger experimentations. My creative anvil has definitely heated up in this colored day.