While an inkblot/Rorschach is nothing new, there is a bit of an esthetic pull for me in them.

I've created various sketches this morningusing different materials and processes but the one I wanted to try most was a larger piece with oil paints built up over multiple layers. The paper I used wasn't exactly up to the task after the 2nd later but the process did work.

The image you see is a slightly cropped down version, flattened and lightly corrected for the sake of purity. It itself isn't particularly beautiful but I can see with revision and patience there's a vast area of exploration to be done. One of the things I'd like to attempt is a transfer of the oils to an 'unfolded' substrate, but my initial tests just didn't take. The oils don't want to transfer evenly, despite having various mediums and viscosities in this and other sketches.