One of the first glaze mediums I've tried is one from Ottosson's Färgmakeri.

Really more a lacquer - it's thick and tacky, everything I didn't want when I first starting thinking about using glazes in my paintings. Today however I've been experimenting with this medium combined with various hues, working out the effects it has on them. Most colors were fairly unremarkable but when I came to the reds, well, things changed considerably. It was as if these pigments had been waiting their entire lives for this particular medium and now that they've found each other how could I not use them?

Having said that, I'm not big of warmer reds, certainly not the fire engine red that is shown here. I worked with it and a few other most of the day and while the color itself was lovely nothing ever became of it. Unfortunate but true. I suppose it's a matter of time and experience, or just timing and experience? Either way I may have to start exploring colors as subject (see Mark Rothko's works), but this emulsion has me thinking it maybe time to experiment a little more in that direction.