I'm taking this Rorschach idea to the next step: layering and layering again various oils and mineral spirits in an almost 'tapped in' method.

The process is still hit and miss, my color choices haven't helped either. Money has been tight this month and there's not much left of the cheaper oils to practice new ideas with. Still, there's something in this. I can't say I care much for the clear white skull near the top center but I may soften it in future layers. Of course the whole idea here is to let the viewer decide for herself what they see so maybe you see something else?


More texture than it would appear

I did find that this process is definitely for the floor. The painting is about 180x60cm and when you fold it over you definitely need half of it weighted down lest the folding start to slip or become inconsistent. This happened the first couple of attempts on this painting but it seems with a little tape and a couple heavy cans of water the provlem quickly vanished.