My complexion has turned gray and along with it my world.

This morning has been a long one. Much has been happening as of late in the studio, but it's hard to express such things in words. Pictures help of course but ultimately they're hollow echoes of truth. Winter is ending, Spring is coming and as I look at my pale face this morning I feel as such - the melancholy of a winter I cursed not a month prior.

So today I thought I'd reflect my moods in colors the best I could with straight pigments on Sketch Cards. No easy task given the seeming difficulty in creating nuance with this technique. I can, of course express the same ideas to a certain degree with field colors but ultimately the nuance is created through scumbling and texture. This would be far easier in larger formats but the results were quite good considering the scale of the cards. It does however reflect the complexion of my mood today and for that it is resoundingly a success.