Finally, a decent yellow pigment to explore.

I've slowly been adding colors to my raw pigment selection over the past year or so. One color that's definitely been missing is a good strong yellow. Today I picked up a Sennelier Cadmium Yellow Deep (Substitute) that really did the trick. Using the same basic technique I used in the Relaxed Form post, I quickly created a first Sketch Card composition that pushed up the needed brightness and warmth only yellows seem to create for me.


Raw Pigment

Amusingly this particular Sketch Card most definitely looks figurative, you can't escape it. I do wonder about the subconscious influence sometimes as I truly did not intend to create a woman and flower but once I'd finished, well, there they were. Of course in higher contrast compositions figures and sometimes forms tend to pop out at you wether you want them to or not. The mind seems to be built for pattern recognition even when you seek to dissolve them. Irregardless, the Sketch Card colors will definitely be improved with yellows added to them now.