I've not worked on the Sketch Cards in awhile.

I've been busy, mostly painting. Still I wanted to return to them today for at least a few hours as I has a small question in my imagination that needed answering. It's a simple enough idea. There would be a clear, disctinct visual seperation of three basic processes that sit on top of each other in the same card. It's unlikely to look esthetic, even if I work at it beyond that of a 'quick sketch.'



Still, after putting together two cards there did seem to be a visual language in each layer that has common roots. I won't pursue this avenue of thinking for now, there's too many other more interesting ideas to explore. Still, between the very faint light graphite base, the almost color-field pure pigment middle and then finally the opaque black print laid on top there's a question being asked though I admit, I don't really even know what that question is.