Sometimes I want to be stimulated, though not necessarily emotionally.

This morning I set about an idea that throwing and dripping paint doesn't necessarily have to be a dead end or cliché. Sure, it's likely to. Anyone who has done even a remote bit of study into such techniques will see the fallacy in trying to find something new here. Yet, for all my agreement in this thinking I just feel we could look a little harder.

So I set about trying various ways of throwing paint (not dripping in this case) today. Mostly a tangle of splatters, there did seem to be a shift in visual language when I started lining up the throws to build up a larger stroke. It's a complete mess, but somewhere in this there seems to be an apparent visual mark. The sketch painting here is quite large though, around 1x2 meters and very difficult to discern the language. However it's in this artificial 'stepping back' that the visual mark of plasma and fractal geometry becomes apparent.


Up close

Stepping forward of reveals the mud and muck that portrays this as nothing more than sketching but that is a natural result of the explorative process. A thing that could be refined and improved with another version. I won't, despite the modest success, continue with this. Jackson Pollock already has already been here and countless after. This isn't meant to look like his work, but the obvious parallels are there. I don't necessarily believe he explored this particular aspect of it but if he did, I could easily see why he moved on. I know I will.