This morning I got up and refused to believe I couldn't use my oil pastels, along with other mediums, on the wall mounted canvas.

So I spent most of the day removing every little item from the studio and begun sanding down those cursed seams in the wallpaper. Like a charcoal rubbing, they're the curse of any piece I attempt, the vertical lines of the wallpaper overlaps showing up as thick vertical bumps in the piece.


In Process

After 5 hours of sanding, cursing, sanding some more and then restoring the studio I managed this little piece. It's hard to see but it in this image but there's a horizontal line through the top portion. I'd painted it vertical (90 degrees counter-clockwise). It's a process that despite all my work today, I cannot follow.

I know there's many various solutions to this problem, it's about being anal-rentative that makes things hard. Things have to be 'just so' in esthetics and usability for me to even consider them. This usually translates to a lot of money which isn't the most realistic sometimes in solutions. Still, I'll sit on this painting awhile longer, see if a solution doesn't present itself.