While I've no intention of creating derivatives of Jackson Pollocks works, I do see value in the process.

One idea I've wanted to try for sometime is not dripping paint or throwing it as he did, but rather a more serialized - small scale version of it. So today I've started working on sketch paintings created flat on the easel (it rotates 90 degrees to make a small table).

These two simple versions are not big at all, both around A3 to A4 in total size. The idea is simple, I load up a small tool with a little low-viscocity oil paint then flick the results again and again on the canvas. I give into the process I can't control on the small scale, at least not with any real accuracy, to eventually create a uniform piece on the larger scale that I can control.


Of course these two sketches aren't terribly esthetic but they'r not meant to be. They're meant to see what happens in this process and whenever I do that the choices are kept loose and arbitrary so that 'worse case' results are likely to come out. This gives me an idea of lowest denominator of it's potential esthetic value. There's a lot of low-potential in it, but I'm guess the high-potential is every bit as extreme.