Today I'm starting a first run of paintings, all mounted on stretchers from the start.

After realizing it would be impractical to paint on the walls I've made fairly large changes to the studio setup along with purchasing 5 stretcher sets: four 80x150cm and one 150x150cm. It the first time I've prepared a series all at once and while I've already brainstormed my intentions for the paintings, I'm keeping my plans loose as I'm not 100% certain the process will work well with low-profile stretchers. Normally I'd have tested it beforehand but I got a great deal on these particular stretchers and thus, it was worth at least trying. Worse case scenario the process doesn't work on them and they'll get used for another project in the future.


While it's exciting to be at this stage it's also a little daunting. By the time I got most of canvas stretched it was pretty clear, that's a lot of white empty space! What's amusing is the 150x150cm canvas just barely fits on the easel. It's workable but I can see there'll be new challenges in the weeks and months to come working with such a large surface. Still, today was quite the exciting milestone as to me it represents the first real step in painting full time as a professional.