Since moving into a smaller studio I've found little time for old ideas.

Back in Artist Collective in Malmö I'd worked on various ideas daily. There was space for it. Here in the in-home studio not so much and so I've got this closet full of old canvases waiting to be poked at with a creative stick. Here was one such idea, using a sort of thick black glaze with a giant squeegee to create forms rather than ribbons.



Don't confuse this with Gerhard Richter's work with giant squeegees. While infinitely pleasurable to view, the fundamental ideas I'm exploring are different. It's a matter of trying to define object with a tool that can help translate body movement in space.

I unrolled this rather large canvas today, barely fitting it onto on of my walls. From a distance it visually holds up, as well as to a certain degree, up close. However my desire to continue with this painting will have to wait as my old nemesis, the wallpaper seams, will undoubtedly rear their ugly lines should I attempt more work on it here. So after much thought and resignation, back into storage it goes.