There’s been a slight sense of constructism lately.

I believe the choice to give into a process can lead one down deep rabbit holes and at the moment I’m experiencing a sort of back lash in this. So today, while still keeping somewhat loose, I’m painting smaller pieces in a much more closed style than I’m used to. Each stroke is done with 2-3 seconds planning before making the mark. It may not sound like much time but compared to the previous works it’s an age.

Because I’d spent so much time this previous month/s painting in this very explosive and open manner, closing up the brush strokes is quite difficult. The line of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ painting is something that is becoming quite intrinsic as a result of shifting dramatically in process.  Thankfully I was self-aware enough to realize this would like be a problem for me and kept my pallet a bit quieter than I’d normally do in sketch paintings.