Today I've been sitting on a thought, 'Layers of Interest.'

It's something of a throw-back to my photographic days hear in a lectures of what constitutes a good photograph. Amongst many such notions was the idea a photograph should, nay must have layers of interest: levels of foreground and background that keeps the viewer stimulated.

I never subscribed to this.

Even back then the idea that one should shove as much as possible into a photograph seemed inherently wrong. Not because the current trends in visual consumption is quick quick quick, but that when I hear various people regurgitate the same idea again and again I start to wonder why we're all plowing down the same path.

Still, I'm painting in three dimensions, not photographing them. Last year I spend a lot of time repeating the same mark again and again on a canvas to build up a composition. I believed in that process then and still do. But for today I began layering a different mark over an older one with the idea it's not front to back layers but visually styled marks that can combine to create a new whole. Successful? Not entirely. Interesting? Maybe. Visually correct in my thinking? Yes. Definitely.