I’m a highly impulsive person.

Controlling myself in painting, much less anything else in life, has always been a bit of a challenge. Coupled with this impulsive nature is also the intellectualization of esthetic valueThat is, everything to me looks good in one way or another; personal esthetics have always been a moving target. Of course there are generalities I sit with in art: abstraction, expressionism, impulsion and to a certain degree spiritualism. Minimalism sometimes but not always from a creation stand point so much as a viewing one. 

Having said all that there’s also a competing need that I must intellectualize the philosophy of process. So much so that progress can be extremely slow when searching for that right path forward. It is, as far as I can tell, the path of most resistance. So that balance of impulsive nature and finding the underlining philosophy of process often enters into Dadaist territories, such as here in this painting.



I’d never intended it to be anything more than an exercise because at the time I was using a much more physically heavy-handed technique and this canvas was on very low profile stretchers. Very shallow, it was next to impossible to use the heavier and agressive technique but this was ok as I wanted a break from the other paintings. So over a period of a week or so I began refining a sort of fast and loose technique. Much of it is impulsive but also iterative enough to at least provide a crude composition. Not really Dadaist I admit, but it does start me thinking of how I might reject ideas common in contemporary art.

A Dadamess if nothing less, possibly more. 

PaintingChristopher Grant