I’m not on vacation.

Excavation, 1950. Willem de Kooning

Excavation, 1950. Willem de Kooning

I may not have a studio here in New Zealand, but I’m still working, thinking. Spending time at art museums, galleries, artist’s studios. Looking for inspiration wherever I can find it. One of the things I’ve been spending time with is re-iterating scribbles. I’ll find a locale such as a park, a museum, home here, etc... then attempt to discern the emotional environment. It’s more random scribbling at first, but then pull back the marks with random movements of the erasure.  Then again with scribbling. I keep doing this until an image begins to appear, or at least something that gives me pleasure. This is sort of my knee-jerk-quick-study of many Kline paintings and perhaps de Kooning’s Excavation.

The idea is simply to keep exploring the more instinctual, intellectually removed movements of the body (or arm in this case). At what point is this texture? Are these images finished or just the start? Should they be more controlled and have weight or become even more random, if that’s even possible? All good questions I think.

Christopher Grant