Enough in fact that I’ve decided to take it to the next step which includes purchasing new paints and canvas specifically with the process in mind.

Much of these materials won’t arrive for at least week, but for now I’ve enough to experiment with. This is fine as the esthetic needle I'm trying to thread is quite small and to be perfectly honest I'm not even sure possible. If there are two aspects of my personality (highly impulsive & highly structured or anal) they are competing for dominance of which I've already convinced myself there is a third way. Not a middle ground mind you but another path that I've not yet seen. Discovery of course takes a huge amount of my time, much to the chagrin of family and friends.

I also stopped by a local art gallery to see Inga-Lill Angbäck’s work. It’s hard to distil another artist’s work in words so I won’t bother trying here. Suffice to say that her work was interesting enough to make a repeat visit, the first being a couple days ago. You can see more of her work until Saturday at the Jäger & Jansson Gallery or on her website here.

TodayChristopher Grant