It’s been so damn busy lately that the course I’m taking is suffering.

Each week is a new artist I study, including a brief history of them along with their techniques. Then comes an in-studio assignment which I’ve had little choice but to use 1/2 the time I really should on them.


Gloss & Matt

This week it’s Barnett Newman, one of the artist's in the course I know only a little about. I’ve chosen to do a study or derivative of his, “The Wild” painted in 1950. It's a radical departure from his larger mural-sized works in that the canvas is only 243x4.1cm. The primary reason for me choosing this to study is that I’ve simply never chosen such an aggressive aspect ratio in composition.

Still utilizing his 'zips,' I worked through this study with my much undesired acrylics, as he often did as well. Thankfully this cut down my need for drying time considerably and gave me a chance to at least attempt some of his basic techniques. You can see that here in the matt warm blacks and glossy red zip.

His original work can be seen here.