I don’t name paintings, except to identify them when talking about them.

Such as this one, Tivoli. While not named by me it stuck. It was a painting of habit at first, the kind of painting that comes from 'painting to paint.' No real forethought, just putting paint to canvas. Through experimentation however, much later in the process, I began discovering an alternative technique that would allow the painting to change intensity depending on the amount and style of light it received. Of course all paintings change and react this way, but this particular process reacted particularly well. So it was in this reaction to light the name Tivoli was created.


While not a fully refined technique, it certainly bares exploration. From afar the painting tends to look like a common doodled illustration you might find on someone's notebook. This was as a result of the instinctive process in the beginning but up close it's an entirely different matter. When I return to this technique, with a whole new painting, I’m fairly sure the composition will remain ‘all over’ in it’s esthetic but the balance and weight wouuld likely be quite different. I may just rework it in the coming weeks, however, as there’s a bit more to learn from this painting.