This is actually an older painting that I've been sitting on for the better part of a year.

It was mostly just experimental play, as much of my work in late 2016 was. However it did illustrate some nice ideas in esthetics that I enjoyed and since the process I used to create it was more active than would appear, I've hung on to it rather than painting over it. Today I pulled it out from storage to take a look at it again.

Imagine my surprise in finding that the surface was still wet! All of it - 100%. And while I've painted with oil pastels before, I've never kept anything up until this one. Oil pastels don't ever really seem to dry and despite my attempts at accelerating this process so that I might layer over it with more oil pastels, it's still quite pliable. The painting itself is not a piece I'm interested in ever showing beyond this blog it, as it was driven by learning and not esthetics. When I came across a bit of esthetics during my experimentation I'd keep it around to play with for the future. Otherwise I'd simply paint over the piece or rip it up and toss it. Mercilessly.

It seems that's not entirely an option here. So while I could simply remake it, and better, there's a bit of difficulty letting this one go. No real reason that I can feel or see, but still it remains. I'll pop it back into storage for now, perhaps in a year I'll bring it out again just to see how I feel then.