It wasn't an easy decision, moving away from the far larger and more appropriate studio space in Malmö.

Ultimately it was a choice of time and money, both of which are save considerably by moving the studio into the home. I've easily lost half my useable space but gained almost 3 hours of work time (saved from the commute) and a good amount of money as well.

The space is small, perhaps 12 square meters. This may sound quite large to many but consider that most of my paintings are at least 80x150cm, well, this 12 square meter palace quickly becomes a 12 square meter closet. I'm not complaining mind you, my situation has overall improved as a result. Still, it's a temporary space as far as my dreams are concerned but a permenant one for practicality's sake. It's worth mentioning that most paintings pictured here are my 'sketch size' paintings. There's 3x the amount of larger paintings that I've not moved in yet.