The final week of the PostWar Abstract Expressionism Painting Course felt a bit anti-climatic.

While it's not hard to find inspiration from any artist if you're open minded enough, working with Yayoi Kusama's more pop expressions was a challenge for me. Still, the final results weren't completely horrible and even though I still have doubt of Kusama's place in the New York school I did have a decent take-away of new ideas, such as serialization.

Perhaps though more than anything, my biggest take-away from this particular study wasn't the style or process of painting itself but rather how quickly one could produce a painting of marginal to decent esthetic value. To the layperson, esthetics is subjective but for me I understand esthetic value to not just be in the eye of the beholder but to a certain point, quantifiable by the person who has studies and observed enough of the art world. This is encouraging as while my process has been fairly slow this past two years due to external limitations, some has been internal. Breaking free of the notion it takes years to complete a painting helps open up new bounds of expression I've not yet explored.