I only visit exhibitions or museums by myself now a days.

When I do I take my time, really take my time. Friends and family that were unfortunate enough to go on these excursions with me tended to get bored as I always held up the rear to look at paintings far too long for their liking. So now a days I go alone where I can really look, think, and appreciate I hope at my own glacial pace. I’ll spend as much as an hour with one painting and if so, likely come back the next day to see all that I might’ve missed.

Because I’m not just there to enjoy, but to study. It’s a process in itself and if you’ve ever spent a day doing this you know it can be very exhausting mentally. A process that deserves a glass of wine for a little reflection. Which now at least at Louisiana has become a bit of a traditon for me. I do my best to get there once a month (it’s a bit far and expensive for me to get there) and when I do sometime towards the last two hours I’ll take a glass of wine to sit and reflect. Afterwards I’ll revisit one or two pieces before heading home, possibly to return the following day.



Painting B (Black over Yellow)
around 1950
Oil on paper on canvas
56,4 x 82,5 cm

On a side note, I’ve been toying with the idea of even adding this type of entry. Should everything just be about me, what I do in the studio? Seems too egotistical, yet isn’t that in a way what many artists are? Sensitive ego bags? I know I feel as such. Still, there’s a bigger picture that I like to share and it’s in this that is this blog post. This particular visit wasn’t about Picasso and his ceramic works, which is the main exhibition going on right now at the Museum. It was more for me about the works of Pollock, Newman and Reinhardt. I’m won't write more here as I’m not certain I’ll keep this type of post around for long.