Canvas type, size, fixings along with more recipes and mark making. All are on the table today.

These elements I’m bringing together are part of a partially-pre-visualized effort that, with a healthy does of luck, will vaguely echo my intent. I'm not looking to create a particular composition though, as I am allowing the process of discovery to lead me. It's mostly about the language upon which I wish to express. If I can figure that out, it almost doesn't matter what the words, sentences, etc... even are.

The first big buy is later this week. The following week will be the draft tests and then the week after I expect the work to begin in earnest. It all seems to take so long, but the process I’ve chosen requires my emulsions to essentially ‘cook’ for 1-2 weeks. In that time there’s not much I can do save sketching out ideas or work on other paintings. Still, time is starting to speed up again in the studio and that feels damn good.