So with sand pouring relentlessly through my internal hour glass, I’ve lept.

I’m still have my original desired for ‘flat & mat’ but that’ll have to wait. The emulsions need more time to test and there’s no sand left for that. I’ve found a sort of ‘side-step’ from original intent that could lead to some horrible paintings but on the other hand, could lead to something slightly new, if not even a little esthetic.

The paintings won’t be terribly flat. Nor will they be terribly mat. They will however be on the same esthetic boat that I’d intended and at least there’s that. I take refuge there.

Oddly, the general mark I’ve decided upon is one I tried a couple years back. I never pushed forward with it at the time as I’d more interesting avenues to explore. Now though it would seem there’s cause.  I admit this could go horribly wrong so in that I’m actually quite happy. One way or another these paintings will be shown locally and if they should decide (I’ve little say in the matter) they’re going to be four ugly ducklings well, so be it. I’ll stand next to them, shoulder to shoulder and proudly proclaim, “I lept with them. We’re ugly together.”