With the aid of a friend, I've set a date for the next exhibition.

It's helpful to have an external push when you get caught up in the day-to-day, sometimes self-indulgent process of painting. Experimentation can lead down many exciting paths of course, but it's also a potential pitfall. So in an effort to keep externally moving forward I've the rough date & location picked out and have made the initial preparations.

Working off an array of 6 paintings, I’d originally planned for low-key low-contrast works with subtle marks of a very flat, very mat nature. Unfortunately, my standards being what they are, have discovered I cannot produce satisfactory results in the time-table we've set. This particular method of painting isn't unknown to me but admittedly I'd never worked this way and it would seem the learning process is a bit longer than hoped: Test an emulsion, wait to dry, test another over the first, wait to dry, observe, adjust. I've already had quite a bit of success and do feel I could get the results needed with another few weeks work but ultimately time is a factor.

So what do I do? Plan B? I admit I'm not entirely sure at the moment. So for now I'll take the rest of the day off, to have a good think.