I‘ve been back in Sweden now for a week, though it feels like just a couple days.

While time away from home and the studio has been good to me, it’s most assuredly time to be back. At the moment I’ve barely got the home up and running, let alone the studio. I have however, started putting paint-to-canvas, hard at work picking up where I left off 3 months ago.

The first four paintings from the black series I was working on in the Fall was a good start but ultimately left incomplete, unfinished. There’s more to explore there so I’ve got back to work, with fresher eyes. A few small adjustments here and there to the technique, the benefits of a long visual rest.

Dates are meaningless statements of intention with the presumption of an assembly line or a job for those more cubicly inclined. Having said that, the modest changes in technique to this series have tacked on at least a few weeks of work - so I expect to be completed in about 6-8 weeks.

I’ll also start work again on refreshing this website, as I do every year around this time.

TodayChristopher Grant