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storming the subconscious

I seek to stimulate the tactile subconsciousness through instinctual and lyrical themes that pervade the feeling of discovery. It is the bleeding edge of one’s emotional mind without intellectual hindrances. From this point of storming the subconscious I look to create lyrically gestural paintings that aid the viewer in discovering their own subconscious states through an almost visually psychological language that resides in archetypes. I wish to record feelings rather than reduce them to common triggers, aiding the viewer towards their own emotional reactions. During the act of painting I’m not completely aware of my actions. However as esthetics are highly important to me I look to refine my impulsive, almost Dadaist methods with regular pauses to consider what has been accomplished before the process continues. I work with a deep catalog of paintings which are worked continuously throughout the year. It is only through this long process of getting to know the paintings that I become confident of their expressions and finally ready to part with them.